BIGMAX Cranes and Sybertech – Working Together to Keep Parks Clean and Tidy

Sybertech Waste Reduction Ltd. was incorporated in 1994 in Vancouver, BC.  The company specializes in the removal, disposal and recycling of hazardous waste materials for hospitals, municipalities (such as Parks/Public Works), schools and industrial operations.

Sybertech uses BIGMAX Cranes in conjunction with the emptying of their Millennium Series In Ground Trash Systems and Recycling Containers.

Sybertech In Ground Trash Bin System with BIGMAX Crane Lifting Full Trash Bags

Sybertech In Ground Trash Bin System with BIGMAX Crane Lifting Full Trash Bags

In Ground Trash Systems consist of impermeable cylinders of plastic planted into the ground. Above ground these look like regular trash cans; however, inside the cylinder is a single, large and thick plastic bag supported by a lifting harness.  This allows for a far greater capacity of trash to be contained within the can, as well as less frequent emptying.

Sybertech’s clients have also reported that they found many other avenues in which their BIGMAX cranes proved very useful – for example, lifting park equipment as shown below.

BIGMAX Crane Lifting Heavy Park Equipment

BIGMAX Crane Also Useful in Lifting Additional Heavy Park Equipment

Sybertech is committed to bringing new and innovative technologies to the public and government to reduce expensive operational costs and provide a cleaner, safer environment.

BIGMAX Cranes is a leader among crane manufacturers in North America.  The design and versatility of BIGMAX Cranes makes them ideal for this project and many other unique applications.

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