BIGMAX TC 130 Crane for Crab Boat

BIGMAX TC 130 Crane Goes Crabbing

“I purchased a BIGMAX Crane for use on my crabbing boat. The crane was affordable, easy to install and operate in a marine environment,” says Alaska based BIGMAX customer Don Stiles.

A BIGMAX TC-130 crane was installed recently for use as a marine crane on the personal crabbing boat of Don Stiles in Nome, Alaska. This hook-mounted, hydraulically operated crab pot handler combo proved itself to be highly efficient. The boom mounted pot hauler did the lifting and lowering of the crab pots, the telescopic, elevating and slewing crane boom maneuvered the loaded pots on to the boat for unloading and resetting.

The concept of a hydraulic boom and line control mechanism proved to be so successful that it could be adapted for other offshore operations.

“I would like to get another crane for next season too!”, commented Mr. Stiles. “We have a dredging operation for offshore gold mining and am considering transfering the TC-130 to the dredge and get a larger model for the fishery. I appreciate your service, the cost is affordable and installation is easy.”

A larger BIGMAX crane would replace the original TC-130 to provide a longer boom outreach and increased lift capacity for the crabbing operation. The rugged, totally enclosed, oil-bath rotation system is one of the features of the BIGMAX TC cranes that makes it particularly suitable for harsh marine operations as above.

Customer: Don Stiles, Nome, Alaska

BIGMAX TC 130 Crane Goes Crabbing