BIGMAX Knuckleboom Crane Solves Mumbai Storm Sewer Repair Challenge

BIGMAX Knuckleboom  Crane Solves Mumbai Storm Sewer Repair Challenge

“We used a BIGMAX TC-350 crane as a major component of our Shot-Tech Robotic Arm on our pump and spray equipment – the crane’s versatility helped to make our Mumbai sewer repair project a success.” K. Schiltz, Shotcrete Technologies Inc.

The city of Mumbai, India with its teeming millions of inhabitants began experiencing frequent failures of it storm sewer system in 2010. Sections of the one hundred year old system had begun to collapse. Bursting sewer pipes led to washouts and cave-ins which created havoc during peak street traffic hours.

In 2012, Shotcrete Technologies, Inc. was contacted by Michigan Engineers Ltd. of Mumbai, India to provide technical expertise, equipment and training to rehabilitate the aging storm sewer system. The variety of pipe shapes and sizes and challenging site locations called for a versatile application method that was cost-effective, simple to operate, mobile and relatively fool-proof.

The solution was to pump and spray specially prepared concrete known as shotcrete into and around weakened areas of the sewer system. To meet the needs of the client, Shotcrete Technologies, Inc. provided three Shot-Tech Robotic Arms and one Robotic Shotlining system. The proven robotic systems are based on BIGMAX TC350 cranes especially adapted by Shotcrete Technologies for this demanding application. Pumps were chosen to deliver shotcrete material through two inch hoses. The robotic arms were all mounted on wheeled carriers especially designed to operate in low overhead and confined conditions.

As anticipated, the Shot-Tech Robotic arms and System are proving their versatility and productivity in extremely challenging conditions.

BIGMAX Crane on Landtamer ATV for Remote Access in Oil and Gas Services

BIGMAX Crane on Landtamer ATV for Remote Access in Oil and Gas Services
Oil and gas resources are becoming more difficult to access. From the muskeg and swamp of northern Alberta to the flood plains of Australia, work must still get done in these extreme conditions.

The Land Tamer® Amphibious Remote Access Vehicle with a mounted Big Max Crane provides the functionality of a utility truck with the versatility of an all terrain amphibious tracked vehicle.

BIGMAX Crane on Landtamer ATV for Remote Access in Oil and Gas ServicesThe BIGMAX TC-260 crane can lift up to 3400 lbs and reach 16 feet. The crane and stabilizer assembly is one of a number of attachments that is operated by the Land Tamer’s onboard hydraulic power unit and mounts to a 3 point receiver hitch on the rear of the vehicle. The crane and stabilizers are operated by the centrally mounted control panel.

Installation of the BIGMAX crane on the Landtamer vehicle is simple. The crane is inserted into the receiver hitch. Hydraulic hoses with quick-connect couplers supply oil to the crane. Heavy objects can now be lifted with ease.

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