ECO Series Crane Truck

ECO Series Cranes: dimensions

ECO Series Cranes

ECO Series – Economical and Eco-Friendly Cranes

New design ideas and an inline boom means the ECO cranes are compact and light weight. The ECO crane's unique mounting base requires less frame space making it suitable for installation on shorter wheel base dump and flat deck trucks. It is also adjustable to suit the narrow frames common to small import trucks. Further, the use of high tensile steel means an excellent lift to weight ratio. A lighter crane allows increased payload and greater fuel efficiency.

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MODEL Maximum Maximum Base Crane Dimensions (inches)
  Lift Reach Weight Lbs. Height Width Depth
ECO 3 1870 lbs @ 10'0" 22' 860 75 65 14
ECO 5 4740 lbs @ 6'7" 27'4" 1499 75 65 14
ECO 8 8322 lbs @ 6'7" 29'7" 1955 88 79 23
ECO 11 8818 lbs @ 7'10" 36'6" 2756 88 79 23

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  • Dual side controls
  • Hexagonal booms
  • Sliding pads on telescopic extensions
  • Self lubricating bushings
  • Mechanical rotation limitation
  • Reduced material and component weight. Less weight means less fuel consumption and more payload.

ECO Series Reach and Load Charts

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ECO Load Chart