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Optional Equipment for BIGMAX Cranes

The following equipment can be added to most BIGMAX crane models. Please give us a call us for further information.

1. Mounting base: for TC Series cranes allows the crane to be mounted directly to the truck frame. The mounting base includes outrigger stabilizers.

2. Winch: a winch can be added to most BIGMAX cranes to increase vertical lift capability. Winches can be factory installed or added to the crane after purchase.

3. Power Pack: 12 or 24 volt DC power packs are available for BIGMAX TC and ECO Series cranes. These power packs can be easily installed and are a good alternative when a PTO pump is not available.

4. Radio Controls: wireless controls allow the crane to be operated remotely and enhance operator safety and convenience. Radio controls are available for most BIGMAX crane models.

5. Accessories: rotators, grabs, augers and other accessories are available to meet specific job requirements. Contact us for details.

Winch Option

Winch option