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TCH Series – Heavy Duty Telescopic Cranes

Similar in design to the TC Series truck cranes, the TCH heavy duty cranes have a more robust slewing system that will withstand extreme working conditions making them ideal for use as marine cranes or for other industrial applications. With five models, the TCH cranes can lift up to 9,000 lbs.

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MODEL Maximum Maximum Base Crane Dimensions (inches)
  Lift Reach Weight Lbs. A B C
TCH 400 4,590 lbs @ 6'1" 29'4" 1,260 73 78 19
TCH 700 7,280 lbs @ 6'8" 33' 1,630 78 87 23
TCH 850 7,280 lbs @ 8'4" 31'4 2,370 88 79 23
TCH 1050 8,950 lbs @ 8'4" 31'4 2,370 88 79 23

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  • Available in 5 models with hydraulic extensions to 31.3 feet
  • Strong, light weight hexagonal boom construction
  • Easily serviced with readily available US std hoses and hose ends
  • Safer flange mounted counterbalance valve
  • Rugged, double rack and pinion slewing system


  • Counterbalance safety valve mounted directly to main lift cylinder
  • Overload protection
  • In-cab power shutoff switch on DC models
  • Active and passive overload and hose failure protection

TCH Series Reach and Load Charts

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TCH Load Chart