TC Series Cranes

Which BIGMAX Crane is Right for You?

BIGMAX mono-boom TC cranes can be used for a wide range of applications such as material handling equipment, marine cranes or on mechanics service bodies. TC cranes (short for 'telescopic, compact cranes') can be mounted almost anywhere including: flat deck trucks, service bodies, van interiors, trailers and boats.

BIGMAX articulated cranes include the ECO, SPS and STS cranes. The ECO crane has an extra boom for longer reach when lifting loads up and over a barrier (such as a fence or wall). SPS cranes are designed to move propane tanks. STS cranes similarly are designed as OTR tire service cranes. Both have special enclosed booms for durability in rugged off-road conditions.

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What is the Right Size of Crane?

Determining the Right Chassis and Mounting Location

What is the Best Power Source?

Selecting the Right Outriggers for Safety and Efficiency

What Options Do You Need?

Reading a Basic Load Diagam

The Load "Curves"

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