BIGMAX – Not Just a Truck Crane!

BIGMAX cranes are the most compact and versatile cranes for sale in the market today. These cranes, in the lift range of 1800 lbs to 5300 lbs, can be used in many different mobile applications.  The most common use of BIGMAX cranes is as an attachment on various service trucks for use as a:

  • Tire Service Cranes
  • Propane Delivery Cranes
  • Service Body Cranes
  • Welding Truck Cranes
  • Mechanic’s Service Truck Cranes
  • Dock or Marine Cranes

Additionally, BIGMAX cranes can be adapted for use in many different industries.  They can be operated as an electric crane (12VDC) or as a hydraulic crane from a PTO (power take off), making them extremely versatile.

The main advantage of a battery powered crane is ease of installation. Since BIGMAX electric cranes come with their own battery operated power pack, no separate and often costly PTO hydraulic system is required. The advantage of a PTO operated crane is that they provide a longer duty cycle while electric cranes are only suitable for intermittent use.

BIGMAX cranes can also be used as material handling equipment on:

  • Flat Decks and Utility Trailers
  • Warehouse and Loading Docks
Trailer with crane

Trailer with crane

BIGMAX Crane for Dock

BIGMAX Crane for Dock








BIGMAX cranes can also be easily used in a variety of other applications including on:

  • All-Terrain Vehicles and Tracked Vehicles
  • Boats and Marine Docks
BIGMAX Crane on Land Tamer­­®  Vehicle

BIGMAX Crane on Land Tamer® Vehicle

BIGMAX Crane for Boat

BIGMAX Crane for Boat








BIGMAX is a leader among crane companies for their expertise in small cranes. For information about a crane for sale to suit your needs, contact Technocrane at 1-877-531-8644 (ext. 1).