Truck Mounted Cranes for Sale – Bigmax TC-100

Hydraulic Truck Cranes for Sale – Immediate Delivery to USA or Canada

The TC100 is the smallest of the BIGMAX TC series cranes that is manufactured by one of the leading truck crane companies, Technocrane, Inc.

The crane has proportional controls for all functions including slewing, lifting and extension. There is an extra fourth control function for a hydraulic outrigger stabilizer or winch.

One of the best features of the TC-100 is its compact design. It stows completely in just over 2 square feet of deck area.

The boom, which extends to 9.2 ft from the center line of rotation, retracts to only 3.9 ft. and can lift 1,760 lbs at this point. This makes it possible to mount the crane in the doorway of a van and swing a load through the doorway.

Bigmax TC-100 Crane Mounted Inside Van

Bigmax TC-100 Crane Mounted Inside Van

With the boom in a horizontal position, the TC-100 will also lift in an overhead space of only 5.5 feet above the deck surface.

These hydraulic truck mounted cranes have been an excellent choice for vans, aviaries, in tight mining spaces and for light delivery vehicles.  The Bigmax TC-100 can be installed on a vehicle as small as a 1/2 ton truck.

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Truck Mounted Cranes for Sale

BIGMAX Telescopic Cranes: Compact and Rugged – Truck Mounted Cranes for Sale in USA and Canada

BIGMAX TC cranes are a family of compact and light weight small truck cranes introduced by crane manufacturer Technocrane Inc. in 2005. While initially sold as a general purpose crane for material handling, a wide variety of applications were soon found for this rugged and versatile line of small hydraulic cranes.

BIGMAX TC cranes are capable of lifting up to 5,000 lbs. with hydraulic extensions to 19.5 feet. They are available in hydraulic (PTO) or 12 V DC electric models and are suitable for mounting on 10 to 18,000 GVW trucks.

Ease of operation and safety are two recognized features of BIGMAX TC truck cranes. All of the models have proportional controls to ensure safe movement and precise placement of heavy objects. Optional radio/wireless controls means one person can safely lift and deliver/place any large object. Optional hydraulic outrigger stabilizers can also be equipped with all the truck cranes.

BIGMAX cranes are also covered by an industry-leading two year warranty.

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Affordable Wireless Controls for BIGMAX Articulated Cranes

Technocrane Inc., one of Canada’s major crane companies, now offers a reliable, versatile and affordable wireless remote control system suitable for small mono-boom and articulated cranes with low volume hydraulic systems.  New BIGMAX cranes from Technocrane’s stock can now be shipped with wireless controls. In addition, BIGMAX cranes currently in service with manual controls can now be economically retrofitted with wireless controls.

Wireless (radio) controls have been well accepted over the last 20 years on most large articulated cranes. However, most of the smaller mono-boom cranes (ie. less than 4 t/m) have been manually operated using the hydraulic control valve on the crane.

Wireless controls have been slow to be accepted for smaller cranes for several reasons:

While inconvenient, an operator of a small crane can manage without remote controls. Small cranes have a shorter boom and therefore the load hook is usually less than 15 feet from the operator on the ground.

Reliable FAC approved radio controls have been too costly to justify. In the past, adding wireless controls to a small crane meant increasing its cost by 50%. Whereas, low cost controls, of garage door opener quality, for example, were not a reliable and safe option.

The few cranes that required radio controls had to be purchased with the equipment already installed at the factory with lead times of 90 to 120 days from Europe.  Radio controls could not be easily retrofitted to cranes in stock.

Technocrane offers Hectronic wireless controls on all of their BIGMAX cranes for sale. Todd Slobogean, CEO of Technocrane says, “Hectronic has improved the design of their controls. Reliability is excellent and we are now able to offer them for a  reasonable price.

Also, we have modularized the design of BIGMAX cranes to allow us to add radio controls at our warehouse, rather than at the factory. This saves time and money which we can pass on to our customers.”

Wireless Radio Controls for Bigmax Cranes

Remote Radio Control for all Bigmax Cranes

Wireless controls are available with 3 or 4 functions as direct replacements for the original control valve. The Hetronic hand held transmitter is available with 4 functions with or without additional PMW toggle switches for other non crane functions.

The electronic control valve is sectional and proportional. It includes man-sized emergency, manual over-ride levers to allow the crane to be operated manually in the event of an electrical problem, or if the transmitter is lost or broken. The wiring harness, which uses DIN connectors, is weather proofed for outdoor use.

Ann Svendsen, VP Marketing says, “We are geared up and ready to sell BIGMAX cranes with radio controls. Our staff can help with selecting and ordering the right crane model and we can often ship from stock within 24 hours – anywhere in North or South America.” For further information  call Technocrane toll free at 1-877-531-8644 or link to the website at


Big Crane Features in a Small Crane

If you are looking for a truck with crane, there are some details about the crane that you should consider before choosing. The term ‘small crane’ has, until recently, meant rudimentary lift equipment – often home-built. The typical small hydraulic crane or hoist consisted of a hydraulic jack mounted under a hinged steel arm with a hook on the end. These cranes were sold by discount auto parts stores for installation on a boom truck. While these cranes were inexpensive, they also were very basic. No power swing, no overload protection, and no outriggers. As a result, these small service truck cranes were often unsafe, clumsy, and difficult to operate, weighed a lot and interfered with cargo space because they did not stow when not in use.

All this began to change in the 1970’s and 80’s when hydraulics were integrated into articulated cranes in Europe. About thirty years ago, a small hydraulic truck crane, often referred to as a small ‘hiab’,  made its appearance. While usually under 3.5tm/25,000 ft.lbs in size, these small ‘hiabs’ incorporated the design, safety and operating features found on a larger, more expensive crane truck.

Today, more sophisticated and rugged small cranes are produced by the major knuckleboom crane companies as well as by several smaller companies.  Technocrane Inc., based in British Columbia Canada, focuses entirely on small cranes for trucks. Of the various small cranes available today, Technocrane’s BIGMAX TC series crane line offers the broadest range of models with the most advanced features available anywhere.

Following are the many features found in the BIGMAX range of electric or hydraulic cranes as well as the larger, more expensive industrial cranes.

-        Hydraulic slewing. This feature gives the operator full control of the load and enables the crane to be rotated safely in both directions under power. This feature eliminates the risk of a crane slewing out of control causing injury to the operator and damaging the load.

-        Hydraulic boom elevation. Unlike most small cranes that have a davit type, fixed boom, BIGMAX cranes have an articulating boom that is raised and lowered by the controlled flow of hydraulic oil in and out of the lift cylinder. The load is raised and lowered using the hydraulic boom function. This feature allows the operator to better control the load.

-        Hydraulic boom extension. This important feature enables the operator to position the load on the deck after it has been lifted. Small truck cranes without this feature still require the operator to manually move the load around on the deck, potentially exposing the operator to the same back injury that could result from lifting the load onto the deck without a crane.

-        Overload protection. This feature is provided by a safety valve on all BIGMAX hydraulic cranes. The valve effectively monitors the load being lifted by the crane.  In contrast, because most small non-hydraulic cranes will lift until they stall, without any reliable load monitoring, they are vulnerable to overloading, lack of load control, structural failure and tipping the carrier chassis.

-        Proportional controls. Proportional controls are included on all BIGMAX cranes give the operator soft-start, smoother and safer control of the load, eliminating the jerky stop/full speed type of control provided by off/on, bang/bang (non-variable) control systems common to many small cranes.

-        Additional control valve. An additional control valve section is included with all TC series BIGMAX cranes to operate the outrigger stabilizers or another additional hydraulic function to maximize the utility of the crane.

We invite you to view our TC 300 which has proven to be a great service body crane. To get more information about all Bigmax cranes for sale, call 1-877-531-8644 toll free.