Outrigger Stabilizer Growth in North America

North American crane company, Technocrane Inc., has been a leading distributor of small truck cranes and hydraulic outrigger stabilizers to dealers, truck body specialists, OEM’s and other small business operators throughout the United States and Canada for many years.

Outriggers were added to the product line in 2004. They were initially an option to support the operation of the smaller BIGMAX hydraulic cranes but were only available in two models which were designed mainly for cranes under 20,000 ft lb rating.  The introduction of these first 2 models established Technocrane as a competitive supplier of outrigger stabilizers.

Within a short period of time, Bigmax was attracting inquiries for larger types and sizes of outrigger stabilizers to be used for a variety of other uses not related to the truck crane industry.

Stabilizers in Warehouse - Ready for Shipment to North American Markets

Stabilizers in Warehouse – Ready for Shipment to North American Markets


As a result, Technocrane increased the in-stock models from 2 sizes to 9 sizes and began to stock locally a more complete range for sale to the Canadian and US markets.


What initially was a product which was carried to support crane sales, has evolved into one of Technocrane’s major BIGMAX product lines very quickly.

Specialty Stabilizer Beams

Specialty Stabilizer Beams




Special orders for different concepts can also be ordered or manufactured and delivered direct to the customer from the factory.


Stabilizers can be ordered in varying  heights with fixed, tilt up or adjustable legs.



To get more comprehensive details on the outrigger stabilizers, or for instructions on how to choose which type complements your needs, check out the main website at www.craneoutriggers.com or call 1-877-531-8644 Ext. 3.


BIGMAX Telescopic Cranes: Compact and Rugged Cranes for Truck Mounting

BIGMAX TC cranes are a family of compact and light weight small truck cranes introduced by crane manufacturer Technocrane Inc. in 2005. While initially sold as a general purpose crane for material handling equipment, a wide variety of applications were soon found for this rugged and versatile line of small hydraulic cranes.

BIGMAX TC cranes are capable of lifting up to 5,000 lbs. with hydraulic extensions to 19.5 feet. They are available in hydraulic (PTO) or 12 V DC electric models and are suitable for mounting on 10 to 18,000 GVW trucks.

Ease of operation and safety are two recognized features of BIGMAX TC cranes. All of the models have proportional controls to ensure safe movement and precise placement of heavy objects. Optional radio/wireless controls means one person can safely lift and deliver/place any large object. BIGMAX cranes are covered by an industry-leading two year warranty.

Here are some of the important details concerning the BIGMAX TC line of small truck cranes.

The TC100 is the smallest of the BIGMAX TC series cranes. The crane has proportional controls for all functions including slewing, lifting and extension. There is an extra fourth control function for a hydraulic outrigger or winch. One of the best features of the TC100 is its compact design. It stows completely in just over 2 square feet of deck area. The boom, which extends to 9.2 ft from the centerline of rotation, retracts to only 3.9 ft. This makes it possible to mount the crane in the doorway of a van and swing a load thru the doorway. With the boom in a horizontal position, the TC100 will also lift in an overhead space of only 5.5 feet above the deck surface.

The BIGMAX TC-160 is a versatile crane with an outstanding lift capacity. The TC160 can lift up 2,850 lbs. @ 3.7 ft from the rotation centerline with a static weight of only 385 lbs. This extraordinary lift to weight ratio is at least partly due to the the TC-160 boom which is fabricated from high tensile fine grained steel with a hexagonal cross-section to maximize strength and minimize weight. Another great feature of the TC-160 is that the mounting base of the crane (which takes up less than 1 sq ft of mounting space), can be placed almost anywhere on the body. This maximizes convenience and safety!  The remote control assembly which is supplied connected but not mounted can then be installed in the best location near the crane base.

The BIGMAX TC-200 crane has 3 optional hydraulic extensions and a heavy duty enclosed oil-bath rotation system. It is highly reliable and is designed for 15 years of normal use. All BIGMAX cranes, including the TC-200, go through rigorous testing. First, several cranes are manufactured for testing purposes. Before going into production, each model is test run, non-stop (24/7) for the equivalent of 15 years under normal operating conditions. If a component fails during this testing period, the component is redesigned and the test starts again. This process is repeated until the 15 year equivalent test cycle is complete without a problem, and only then does the crane go into production. Technocrane is so confident that BIGMAX cranes are reliable, each crane is delivered with a 2 year limited warranty.

The BIGMAX TC-260 crane can be operated by oil flow from a central, usually PTO driven, hydraulic system. This is the same for all BIGMAX TC cranes. For situations where there is no available oil flow or PTO, or, for more intermittent applications, BIGMAX DC Electric power packs are an economical option. Available in both 12 and 24 volt, DC power packs include a hydraulic pump. For safety, ease of installation and operating convenience, an in-cab power switch is included with each DC operated crane. To ensure safe operation, the power switch must be engaged before the crane can be operated.

Are you looking for a good alternative to a conventional corner mount service crane? The BIGMAX TC-300 has proven itself to be a good option for many service body applications. One of the main advantages is that BIGMAX cranes lift by raising and lowering the boom. This requires a single function operation. In contrast, winch equipped cranes require the activation of two functions, boom up-down and winch spooling. This is a more complicated operation to lift the load. For the few lifting operations, such as lifting a load close to the crane and lowering it into a manhole, an optional boom-mounted winch is available for all BIGMAX cranes.

The TC-350 BIGMAX crane has the longest hydraulic boom reach in its class. It can be extended 19’5″ with 4 hydraulic extensions.  Most comparable cranes in this category offer only 3 hydraulic extensions with an outreach of 15.5 feet. The TC-350 has a lifting capacity of 1146 lbs. at the end of the boom. Standard features include a flange mounted counterbalance valve on the main lift cylinder and sequenced boom extensions. Options include a variety of hydraulic stabilizers, a crane base for mounting the crane to the truck chassis and winch.

A standard mounting bolt pattern is one of the features on all BIGMAX telescopic cranes. This feature makes it easy for body builders to plan for the installation of a compact BIGMAX crane. The square bolt pattern also is appreciated by body builders. The square bolt pattern makes it possible to locate the crane base in any one of 4 positions during installation. Body builders or installers can also change the base position later for operator convenience or to easily relocate the slewing stop location.

There are many benefits of choosing a BIGMAX TC crane! For further information visit our website at www.bigmaxcranes.com or call toll free 1-877-531-8644.

Technocrane also produces there own brand of marine cranes and is a distributor of Amco Veba marine cranes.  More information can be found at www.technocranemarine.com