Outrigger Stabilizer Growth in North America

North American crane company, Technocrane Inc., has been a leading distributor of small truck cranes and hydraulic outrigger stabilizers to dealers, truck body specialists, OEM’s and other small business operators throughout the United States and Canada for many years.

Outriggers were added to the product line in 2004. They were initially an option to support the operation of the smaller BIGMAX hydraulic cranes but were only available in two models which were designed mainly for cranes under 20,000 ft lb rating.  The introduction of these first 2 models established Technocrane as a competitive supplier of outrigger stabilizers.

Within a short period of time, Bigmax was attracting inquiries for larger types and sizes of outrigger stabilizers to be used for a variety of other uses not related to the truck crane industry.

Stabilizers in Warehouse - Ready for Shipment to North American Markets

Stabilizers in Warehouse – Ready for Shipment to North American Markets


As a result, Technocrane increased the in-stock models from 2 sizes to 9 sizes and began to stock locally a more complete range for sale to the Canadian and US markets.


What initially was a product which was carried to support crane sales, has evolved into one of Technocrane’s major BIGMAX product lines very quickly.

Specialty Stabilizer Beams

Specialty Stabilizer Beams




Special orders for different concepts can also be ordered or manufactured and delivered direct to the customer from the factory.


Stabilizers can be ordered in varying  heights with fixed, tilt up or adjustable legs.



To get more comprehensive details on the outrigger stabilizers, or for instructions on how to choose which type complements your needs, check out the main website at www.craneoutriggers.com or call 1-877-531-8644 Ext. 3.