Technocrane Inc. Launches New Dealer Program

Technocrane Inc. Launches New Dealer Program for BIGMAX Cranes

Technocrane Inc. PR – Tue, Nov 16, 2012

Technocrane Inc. announces the launch of a new website for the New BIGMAX Crane Dealer Program.

Vancouver, British Columbia, For Immediate Release

Todd Slobogean, CEO of Technocrane Inc. and Ann Svendsen, VP Marketing and Communications from Technocrane Inc. announced today they are launching a New Dealer Program. Technocrane’s new website ( will service truck equipment dealers, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), and hydraulic repair shops who are interested in becoming BIGMAX dealers.

“We are being approached by dealers and OEMS in the USA and Mexico who are interested in our new BIGMAX line of outrigger stabilizers and our complete lineup of smaller truck mounted cranes,” says Todd Slobogean, CEO of Technocrane. “”I have been in the truck crane business for 30 years and the market for these small truck cranes seems to be taking off.”

Technocrane Inc., one of North America’s distributors of articulated truck mounted cranes and outrigger stabilizers, has recently established a Wholesale Division to better serve crane dealers and resellers.

“Our compact TC Series telescopic cranes are versatile and can be mounted almost anywhere.” says Ann Svendsen, VP Marketing and Communications. “They are used as a robotic arm by many of our OEM customers – our BIGMAX cranes are working in many different places around the world from the ice fields of Antarctica to the deserts of New Mexico.”

Well regarded among crane companies, Technocrane Inc. has been diversifying its customer base over the past decade. Through their wholesale division, Technocrane Inc. supplies cranes and outrigger stabilizers to equipment dealers who manufacture service truck bodies, custom truck bodies, tunneling and mining machinery, railway maintenance equipment, sign post drivers, and drilling (water and oil) equipment.

Technocrane maintains an extensive inventory of cranes and outriggers and ships most orders from stock. OEM’s who purchase larger quantities of cranes buy them in container lots and have the goods drop-shipped to their facility. Technocrane currently supplies cranes and equipment to OEM’s and resellers in Canada, the United States, Mexico and South America.  The company’s linguistic capabilities include English, French and Spanish.  If you are looking for a quality electric or hydraulic crane for sale, call toll free and get a quote on in-stocks cranes.

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